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The couple are active supporters of the charity, which helps children with disabilities and learning difficulties to become more independent.
The award is given in memory of Richard and Rosemary Wakelin, who were themselves artists and active supporters of the arts in Swansea.
Molloy and his team are active supporters of many local not-for-profit organizations.
Boyzone went gone on to sell more than 10 million records and were active supporters of charity works.
He said: "Fair trade is something I have felt passionately about for a long time and my wife and I have been active supporters of Traidcraft for a number of years.
Sotillo have been active supporters of the journal for years and are well known for their research in applied linguistics.
Area networkers are unpaid volunteers and our role is to keep active supporters informed and up to date, to make sure they have the materials for campaigns and to get more people involved in our campaign work.
Austin, the legendary director of Hartford's Wadsworth Atheneum from 1927 to 1944, was one of the most active supporters of Surrealism in the United States.
In working with all of these personalities, the key is to recognize them and find ways to neutralize, convert or inspire them to become productive participants in the planning process and active supporters of your organization's vision.
Some nobles were active supporters of the factions and eagerly followed the contests.
A side note that both case studies make clear is that though organizations may often be led by men, women are often the most vocal and active supporters.