active thought

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All the active thought with which she had before been representing to herself the trials of Lydgate's lot, and this young marriage union which, like her own, seemed to have its hidden as well as evident troubles-- all this vivid sympathetic experience returned to her now as a power: it asserted itself as acquired knowledge asserts itself and will not let us see as we saw in the day of our ignorance.
The new phases of things leave my mind in a state of wonder which allows no room for active thought.
Her friend had furnished her with a catalogue of his perfections in gross, which her active thoughts were busily arranging into form and substance.
Among them are the properties and antecedents of hedonic decline, prefrontal cortex and neurological impairments of active thought, how children solve the two challenges of cooperation, developmental origins of chronic physical aggression: a bio-psycho-social model for the next generation of preventive interventions, and why social relationships are important for physical health: a systems approach to understanding and modifying risk and protection.
Still, three things may save us from an exact rerun of that 1991 Westminster madness: the attacks occurring in August, Theresa May being a hopefully wiser PM, and the happenstance that just days previously the Commons Library had produced a briefing paper on the precise topic of Dangerous Dogs, indicating that some active thought was already being given to the issue.
Positive feedback was received following the sessions sponsored by Batelco, encouraging the company to further take on the roll of being the technological leader in the Kingdom and an active thought leader.
White matter fills about half of the human brain, and until fairly recently it was regarded as little more than passive infrastructure, with gray matter seen as more important when it came to active thought and memory storage," says Ritesh Ramdhani, assistant professor of neurology in Mount Sinai's Parkinson and Movement Disorders Center.
Moreover, the PTSD group had lower activity in the precuneus, a structure tucked between the brain's two hemispheres that helps integrate information from the past and future, especially when the mind is wandering or disengaged from active thought.
Since most people don't have a pension anymore, we need to shift that conversation toward an active thought process even at the younger generations.
For the transmission of Catholic life values, a genuine parish community should be relevant seven days a week, have a richness of life and activity that is sensitive to and satisfies many needs, has an active thought life, provides opportunities to air opinions, and nurtures and supports personal growth and encourages individual talents for the benefit of the community.
Behavioral loyalty is where a consumer will repeatedly purchase a product or use a service without any conscious or active thought.
Kant and Descartes were among the first to advocate for active thought for both the construction and understanding of knowledge.

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