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ACTIVE. The opposite, of passive. We say active debts, or debts due to us; passive debts are those we owe.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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2012), and a longitudinal study showed significant contributions of PA from active transport to overall PA as participants who increased their active transport levels had an additional 135 min of total PA per week (Sahlqvist et al.
In conclusion, we have demonstrated a paradoxical decrease in PBMC transmigration after BBB activation, despite increased secretion of chemokines by the BBB proper as well as active transport of CNS-derived CCL3 to the vascular lumeninal side.
Cluster 5 "active transportation' was used as reference since it represented the highest level of active transport, as well as the highest percentage of individuals who reported active transportation.
Roles of proximity, active transport, and built environment.
Nurses can encourage patients to take up public and active transport, like walking and cycling, but there is only so much we can do on an individual level."
If we're to catch up with our European competitors - and actually escape the rut of ever greater selfgenerated congestion bequeathed by driver-obsessed group-think - then we need to switch serious resourcing towards a broader mix of "active transport" initiatives.
We are getting fatter, we're getting heart attacks, strokes, diabetes,respiratory ill-health, depression, anxiety and virtually all of things we want to do to protect us against climate change will improve our health, whether it's active transport walking, cycling eating healthier sustainable local diets or cutting air pollution.
Among the topics are the economic assessment of health benefits of active transport, the influence of parent's perceptions and residential self-selection to the children's travel modes in single-parent households, implications of the Malta bus service reform for policy shift from a natural experiment of attitudes towards bus service quality and modal shift, understanding multimodal and intermodal mobility, and effects of improved vehicle fuel efficiency and fuel price changes on the Berlin city network.
Magnesium is absorbed from the diet via passive and active processes: passive intercellular movement of magnesium through enterocyte junctions of the intestinal epithelium, and receptor-mediated active transport of magnesium into enterocytes via the transient receptor potential melastatin (TRPM)-6 and TRPM-7 transporters (3).
The vast majority of catalyzing biological processes is performed by enzymes which provide a wide variety of functions inside organisms, they are indispensable for metabolic processes, cellular signaling and regulation and can generate movement and active transport of molecules.
Based on the aforesaid, the Turkmen side notes that Turkmenistan will continue to pursue active transport policies aimed at addressing the global challenges facing the international community in the context of sustainable development," the envoy concluded.
"Turkmenistan will continue to pursue active transport policy aimed at solving the global challenges in the context of sustainable development," Ishankuli Amanlyev concluded.