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ACTIVE. The opposite, of passive. We say active debts, or debts due to us; passive debts are those we owe.

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The same activeness should be shown for the pubic like what has been shown in this case?, he held.
FIBA MODULEAccording to Kisoi, Fiba cannot allow any country to participate in its tournaments if there is no proof of activeness of the sport locally.
Our sport helps to give people their activeness and confidence back.
"I assure you that Egypt attaches special importance to strengthening the economic relations with Zambia, especially with the increasing activeness of Egyptian companies operating in Zambia in different fields, including electricity, telecommunications, and construction.
Yang Ronghao encouraged the teachers to uphold a sense of honor, sense of responsibility, sense of mission, and to promote activeness, enthusiasm and creativity in teaching, broaden their horizons and act as the messengers of educational and cultural exchanges between China and Jordan.
The scientists have developed an amazing formula which will give your strength and activeness back, coupled with athletic, sexually enhanced and enviable muscle build.It is a natural supplement which is primary developed with herbal, safe and no-side effect ingredients, towards maintaining a steady flow of testosterone hormonal level in the body.
During the reign of Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, diving in Sri Lanka was prohibited upon his instructions, as the divers lost their strength and activeness if they dive during the winter season, which would physically drain them and; subsequently, negatively affect their productivity throughout the normal diving season.
"We noticed a significant increase in our client's activeness and participation in our online classroom environment when we upgraded to a mobile-friendly online learning platform," said Christy.
This is all contributed to maintaining consumers' activeness and growth of sales in 2014.
The content of working programs of the jailoo kindergartens are based on social activeness of children; development and strengthening of writing, reading, listening, speaking, drawing, producing skills.
It said that the European countries will step up the activeness in the area and will take punitive measures against the settlement expansion in addition to halting Euro-Israeli projects in (C) areas, and also warned from the expanding Boycott Israel academic campaigns, especially in Europe.
"Courses and lectures are provided to policemen to enhance their commitment to the principles of Public Security forces such as activeness, swift response, transparency, humanity, partnership and accountability.