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Incidents have proven the activeness of joint Arab efforts in stopping foreign greed that threatens our nation and its identity".
This is all contributed to maintaining consumers' activeness and growth of sales in 2014.
The North African country has all the major elements needed for business growth as there is a wide base of Internet users exceeding 49 million, which shows the volume of the targeted clients' base, in addition to activeness of users of social networks -- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
The content of working programs of the jailoo kindergartens are based on social activeness of children; development and strengthening of writing, reading, listening, speaking, drawing, producing skills.
Justice Mian Saqib Nisar remarked " government shows activeness in unnecessary matters Why the steps are not taken on emergency basis when the matter of rights of poor employees come.
It said that the European countries will step up the activeness in the area and will take punitive measures against the settlement expansion in addition to halting Euro-Israeli projects in (C) areas, and also warned from the expanding Boycott Israel academic campaigns, especially in Europe.
Courses and lectures are provided to policemen to enhance their commitment to the principles of Public Security forces such as activeness, swift response, transparency, humanity, partnership and accountability.
On October 11, 1998, having garnered at the elections, passed in the high activeness of the population, 76.
It also reflects the pro- activeness of the Group in raising adequate capital in advance of the Comprehensive Assessment," BoC Board of Directors Chairman Cristis Hassapis said in a statement.
A little pro- activeness on the part of the local police would have averted this situation.
The Tharoor issue served to highlight the vibrancy and political activeness of the Congress unit in Kerala.
It says among the benefits of alkaline water are: daily consumption increases activeness of cells, softens heart blood vessels, balances blood sugar and maintains alkaline/acidic balance in the body.