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Activism however, requires one to take a stand and have a distinct option.
Anthony Bernier, a professor at San Jose State University's School of Information, offers a booklist entitled "Teen Activism: Countering the Adult Voice on Young Adults": adult nonfiction titles document young people throughout history as prosocial agents of activism and change.
Methodologically, Kawar's exploration of the cultural life of law relies on a comparison of legal activism in France and the United States after 1970.
Shareholder activism often becomes contentious, leads to infighting between shareholders and company management, and requires relatively large and liquid markets and diversely held companies.
This chapter brings a sharp critique of not only the historical social movement scholarship that perceived activism as merely a social problem, and deviant acts imposed upon a stable society, but the perception of activists displaying irrational behaviours and the movement itself being abnormal has endured to this day.
Basically, civic activism denotes the process by which private citizens and collectives try to bring about changes to their social lives.
Taken together, these cases explain how shareholder activism works, while giving historical context to today's hostilities.
Using a closed--and open-ended survey of Indian activists, this article explores the extent to which online social media have helped or hurt activism in the world's largest democracy.
Katharine Brodock outlines thepromise of digital activism stating that "the greatest promise of digital activism is that it will serve as a foundation for a more equal and participatory political system--one in which all individuals have the opportunity and ability to speak, assemble, and coordinate more easily through the use of digital technologies (Brodock, 2010: 72).
They looked for evidence of anti-sweatshop activism from 1993-2000 that was reported in major trade journals.
While some observers and REIT managers see this kind of investor activism as disruptive, others argue that it makes REITs more accountable and efficient.
This is due to the emergence of a forthright brand of activism that collective-investment vehicles, known as "hedge funds", deploy.