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On hashtag #U*U U[logical not]aeU*aa_U[degrees]U*aaaa_U U*aaUU aeU[macron]aeU[umlaut] [Pregnant woman detained in Saudi Arabia], users tweeted in support of Khadijah al-Harbi, the women rights activist who is pregnant in her last month and was arrested from her house amid fears of facing harsh detention conditions.
The company's management took the initiative to explore the possibility of an acquisition; an important step to help mitigate activist fallout.
In a report on Monday, Africa Researcher Otsieno Namwaya said the police and the military are harassing and intimidating environmental rights activists.
Gary Kinsman, gay liberation and social justice activist, co-author of The Canadian War on Queers
These activists would create awareness among cattle farmers about utility of vaccinations and proper management of cattle.
Moreover, individual stocks with higher degrees of activist ownership had above-average positive rates of return.
An increasing number of publicly active activists with ever-deeper pockets, combined with attractively priced corporates sitting on large cash piles, is leading to a perfect storm of shareholder activism activity in Europe, according to new research by Linklaters, the international law firm.
"The activists are the rockstars," says Goldberg, who has represented dozens different activist investors in the past 18 years and has noticed how the narrative surrounding activist shareholders has evolved, especially in the past three or four years.
The case's defendants include activist Loay Al-Kahwagy, who was sentenced along with El-Massry and seven others to two years in prison and a 50,000 EGP fine.
A group of 30 Greenpeace activists, including six Britons, were held last week when armed Russian officials boarded their vessel the Arctic Sunrise in the Arctic's Pechora Sea, near to oil company Gazprom's platform.
As Arminfo correspondent reported, deputy chief of the Armenian Police, Valeri Osipyan and an activist Vardges Gaspari were
Dubai, July 23 ( ANI ): Almost 50 Gulf-based rights groups and activists have condemned six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) over mistreatment of women activists in most of their states.