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These activists would create awareness among cattle farmers about utility of vaccinations and proper management of cattle.
According to agency inputs, a police complaint was filed after which four persons, including two Bajrang Dal activists, were arrested.
Haji Sadiqullah Khan told media all of the activists from PK-78 and PK-79 will gathered at Toor Ghat in Swari from where in they will move on way to Mandan tehsil and Totalai tehsil to join PK-77 activists and to finally gather at Swabi inter change with activists from whole of Malakand and to move onward under command of divisional president Mehmood Khan and to join KP activists at KP-Punjab entry point and to move onward under the leadership of PK leaders.
Such activists specialize in the public forum and target management or board members directly, or use populist issues like executive pay to draw in other shareholders for support.
A Mayor Anderson says the Love Activists are misdirecting their anger and that Liverpool's Labour council is implementing funding cuts imposed on it by David Cameron's Conservative government.
Proxy firms like ISS and Glass Lewis have been favoring activists in many cases as well.
Activists say that the resulting vegetation loss increases the risk of floods and landslides, and waste byproducts poison streams and waterways.
Beyond winning funds, the Long Island activists specified in the Congressional mandate several aspects of the research design, including a case-control study using biologic markers and the development of a geographic information system (GIS) (U.
The Most Activist Supreme Court in History: The Road to Modern Judicial Conservatism By Thomas M.
The equipment skills (transmitter, antenna, cable, cameras and control board) and special technical are brought by activists Carigao and Leguizamon in a small truck.
1962: New York activist Queen Mother Audley Moore submits a petition to the United Nations asking the U.