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Those who had Acts of God or Acts of Nature in their policy were well-taken care of by their insurance providers.
"I'm not sure Acts of God are a reasonable excuse, but it is time the rail industry and the Government got their act together to ensure services are more reliable."
But beliefs that natural disasters are "acts of God" or direct products of human misbehavior are still alive in various forms and in various religions.
And it doesn't help that we call all the wonderful things that happen to us "good fortune" and all the terrible things "acts of God." When's the last time someone told you that "God must've had a reason" for doing something just horrible, or that a painful tragedy was somehow "God's will"?
Although the process of getting their lives back together has been a challenge for the Wheelers, they understand that Acts of God occur.
I don't know if there's anything like "pre-existing conditions" or acts of God for rights, but if there is, I think we ought to put it in there just to protect ourselves.