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HERE COMES THE SUN Lennon poses in shades during a break from touring; LOVE ME DOPE John Lennon acts the fool while on stage in America; IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N' ROLL BUT I LIKE IT Mick watches band on a US telly show; ROAD MANAGER Bob Bonis; REVOLVER Playful Ringo holds gun to head; JOHN, POOL, GEORGE, RINGO Beatles mess about by hotel pool; COMB ON Rolling Stone Keith Richards gives Charlie Watts a trim; HE'S A HEAT FIGHTING MAN Mick soaks up the sun in red swimming trunks
KERRY Katona acts the fool with daughter Lilly Sue - by sticking the three-year-old's dummy in her mouth.
DISTURBED: Jade sucks on a lolly, acts the fool, cries and sucks her thumb like a baby; FEARS: Jade's mother Jackie