actual reality

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To you it may seem that my conviction was the re-sult of an overwrought imagination, or to the actual reality of the prying eyes of the little monkeys or the curious ones of the birds; but there is a difference which I cannot explain between the sensation of casual observation and studied espionage.
The Shop Front Festival will also feature hands-on experiences for families including the Actual Reality Arcade by Matthew Harrison, a life-sized interactive game zone for all ages, inspired by classic arcade games.
All you're doing is watching the show and trying to guess the actual reality of what's going on.
With his help, we have been able to turn our fondest hopes, like the grand new airport terminal building, into actual reality.
Despite the fact that such gunmen were labeled as "rebels" by Western and Persian Gulf media due to their apparently "moderate" stance against the Syrian government, the actual reality stands that a vast majority of the Golan-based militants which Israel provides medical and military aid to were committed militants who pursue sectarian ideals in Syria.
The pair also discussed "the statements made by the Iranian president on the actual reality on the Arab arena, especially on the Lebanese arena," according to Fares who noted that "these statements reflect the reality and do not tamper with the freedom and sovereignty of Lebanon.
They can spare a billion or two to protect actual reality.
Unlike VR, AR does not attempt to entirely replace actual reality but rather to overlay useful information on top of our perceived world.
The availability of comprehensive and exact data should allow to visualize the actual reality in the criminal justice sphere and increase transparency in law-enforcement and judicial bodies.
The debut film revolves around an Egyptian filmmaker who struggles to portray the actual reality of Cairo, and meanwhile losing parts of his soul throughout his life.
He lauded MoFA's supporting and cooperation with the other ministries emanates from the wise leadership's keenness to convey the true image of the situations in the Kingdom of Bahrain as part of the reforms project of His Majesty the King and the actual reality of socio-economic and political development.
The forum spokesman in a statement issued in held Srinagar said it is an irony that a human and political issue is being dealt through military might while ignoring the actual reality of the issue, reported.