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The line of reasoning throughout this discussion seems quite consistent with the idea that Scholastics in no sense consider actualities as per se causally ineffective.
NorCast is a leading aluminium conference for casthouse actualities and related products in the aluminium industry and witnesses high-profile executive leaders as distinguished guest speakers who cover important aspects of the aluminium industry.
The rapidity of fluctuation of these changes prompts a continual reassessment and restructuring of adolescent image which, at this time, is critical to perceptions and actualities of social standing (Groenman, Slavin and Buchenham, 1992).
When a script is provided, I can read it from my computer and just punch up the actualities.
Xu Gan sets up an analogy between ming-shi and plants and seasons: "Names are bonded to actualities just as plants are bonded to the seasons.
Hess (Director, Educational Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute) is an engaging and thought-provoking collection of essays analyzing the actualities and radical ideals of what might possibly fuel a public school's productivity.
32) Thus the distinction between complete and incomplete actualities applies in the category of substance us well, and so in all the categories in which change is possible.
Enlightening the reader of actualities that reveal both the truths and misconceptions on the part of many Europeans and North Americans, Understanding Arabs presents an accurate and overall understanding of what Arab and Muslim life really is like for millions of men and women.
33) Using the example of our capacity for knowledge, he points out that both habitual knowledge and active reflection are actualities corresponding to this capacity.