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According to Maslow, there is a risk in failing to work toward the hierarchy's highest level of actualization.
Appealing to the work of Lothar Schafer, I then explore this analogy in a way that understands spirit as the realm of potentiality and body as the realm of actualization, emphasizing that potential or virtual states are just as much a part of reality as occupied states in quantum physics; thus analogously all our potential, including what is unfulfilled, remains part of the reality of who we are as persons.
10 Day Triumph offers a ten day personal expansion course that, for 30 mins a day for ten days, creates an all-inclusive experience that starts by providing a basic knowledge of human behavior, and builds on your understanding every day to reach a powerful self actualization workshop at Day 10.
The first chapter explores the concept of creative actualization in detail.
With Christ as their ultimate standard of evaluation, Christians in psychology will need to develop concepts and methodologies that are useful in promoting clarification, actualization, and translation while simultaneously avoiding colonization, ghettoization, and dysinterpretation.
People will upgrade themselves and will bask in self actualization if we, the managers, push them in that direction and encourage them to invest in their continuing education.
p260) Azar proposes that what the Iranian people had in common with Gatsby was "this dream that became our obsession and took over our reality, this terrible, beautiful dream, impossible in its actualization, for which any amount of violence might be justified or forgiven.
Within this new paradigm, now is the time to clarify the types of knowledge it takes to be an effective classroom teacher for actualization of student learning.
I firmly believe that today, the hymn of my mother's life has joyously resounded in the Newman Centre to pay honour to the life and witness of Cardinal John Henry Newman and to exemplify so beautifully the prophetic value and the full actualization of his ideas and desires for a strong commitment of lay people in the Church and the mutual dialogue between theology, the arts, and sciences.
The bulk of the book, which is divided into two parts, covers her parents, bet childhood, adolescence and coming of age as poet, lesbian, and public figure--what De Veaux calls her "first life," defined by themes of "escape, freedom and self actualization.
That said, it is not really the intent of this study to disseminate the student essay, to discuss at length the merits of the monster's self actualization, or lack thereof, or to assess the inherent biographical dysfunction that Mary Shelley may or may not have contributed to her novel; it merely recognizes and appreciates the potential for extraordinary alternative cross- disciplinary perspectives within our classroom and with our colleagues.
It is clear, however, that actualization of an independent self through career success may not make sense as an overriding life focus to individuals who view life's meaning as primarily residing within a nexus of relationships.