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Every actualization or collapse of the spirit [approximately equal to] wave function creates new potentiality.
If matter is not material, we need not conceive of the body as a thing so much as the actualization of who we are, and that history, that actualization and individuation, continues to have eternal significance after death in a way that is no longer limited by time and space.
Our resurrection is united to the ultimate definitive and irrevocable actualization of the potential with which humankind was created in the incarnation, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.
69) If we think of embodiment as the actualization of our infinite potential, albeit limited by probabilities, then this moment of death is the definitive actualization of our potential, culminating in union with the infinite God, and thus the definitive collapse of the wave function.
This enduring existence and uniqueness of our actualization is what I mean by resurrection of the body.