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The constellation that was purely virtual begins to actualize.
So all the Porcupines will be able to talk among themselves about moving plans and job and housing prospects, or just hash out libertarian ideas and how to actualize them.
Comprehensive preparation that embodies the principles of strengths-based practices, coupled with the information sharing stage as devised in New Zealand where the professional presents case information to the family, followed by an opportunity for any participant to ask questions, may better actualize the key FGC principles defined by Pennell (1999).
This book will be useful to marital and family therapists in helping the family and/or couple overcome their fear of vulnerability and responsibility so that they can discover, actualize, and honor the love, meanings, and meaning potentials to be found in marital and family life and to "learn to bear the beams of love.
Then, as with any healthy industry, the revenues will actualize and incre ase.
Reader-response critics examine, for example, the inferences the reader must supply, the set of assumptions the reader must make, the gaps the reader must fill, the set of schemata the reader must actualize in order to make sense of the text, and the ideologies that determine all of the above.
During training, A1 acquires (to some extent) the capacity to actualize perceptual responses (e.
It is the job of the development director, in collaboration with the CAO, to actualize the camp's mission and achieve the goals of the organization through planned development efforts.
Each program will have its own unique solution for partners in order to actualize each goal and incentive of both parties.
Both the countries are confident they are well positioned to actualize the goal of boosting trade to USD40 billion by 2015.
The briefing paper provides (a) a well researched perspective to embed a College culture to actualize social responsibility and public policy as institutional practices; (b) examines some of the opportunities and challenges of such an agenda based on a past College initiative; (c) discusses the epistemology and pedagogy of outreach, social responsibility, and public policy; and (d) proposes an organizational structure for establishing an Institute or Center at the College to shepherd a social responsibility and public policy agenda.