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In effect, all of these strategies would actualize the community's investment in FGC and help actualize participatory democracy.
Discussions that explore how women can actualize collectivist values in diverse careers can also be illuminating.
By focusing on these factors, camp staff can intervene in and initiate situations that actualize curative factors.
During training, A1 acquires (to some extent) the capacity to actualize perceptual responses (e.
The webinar event is for IP owners and non-owners - inventors, authors, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses- anyone who wants to discover new ways to capitalize, monetize and actualize their intellectual property.
The product will enable China Unicom users to embed their CMB's credit card accounts in their USIM cards to actualize the integration between bank card and mobile phone through a direct payment from mobile phones.
The minister also noted that all leading business associations in Turkey and bureaucrats would work together to actualize the country's 500 billion USD export goal before the year 2023.
The members of Bars assured their full support and co-operation to bring about improvements in the dispensation of justice and cleansing the judiciary of corrupt elements to actualize the vision of Chief justice of Pakistan.
The implementation of the decision involves steps that need to be planned and carried out to actualize the client's chosen alternative (e.
As a board we actualize the public's influence,'' she said.
It is the job of the development director, in collaboration with the CAO, to actualize the camp's mission and achieve the goals of the organization through planned development efforts.