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Difference in its pure form yields what will become sensible once it is actualized. The sensible is the result of a relation of different intensities that have at some point joined the realm of the actual.
Cost/benefit analysis suppose a system of indicators as actualized net value, internal profitability rate, actualized total expenses, recuperation time etc.
(People could, after all, be manipulated into identifying with an irrational, unfree social world, and dissatisfied people could fail to identify with what is otherwise a completely rational setup.) "Objective" freedom on this view would thus be the real embodiment of freedom (not just the "possibility" of freedom's being actualized); as such it would be a holistic property belonging not to individuals themselves but to a system of institutions that as a whole is self-determining.
Sometimes, when it is not known whether the alternatives can be actualized, it is better to try, if possible, to implement a few of them simultaneously (e.g., apply to more than one college).
The Church also teaches that "the gift of human life must be actualized in marriage through the specific and exclusive acts of husband and wife, in accordance with the laws inscribed in their persons and in their union" (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Instruction on the Respect for Human Life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation, 5; 1986).
Marriage, he said, needs to be recognized as "a one-flesh communion of persons that is consummated and actualized by acts that are reproductive in type, if not in effect or even desire to conceive a child." For George, such a "one-flesh communion" is an "intrinsic human good." When it comes to sex, individuals are just "potential parts of a mated pair." "The reproductive act" is accomplished not by individuals, but by a pair, united in "one-flesh unity."
The alternative logic was associated with a shift from wealth in movables to wealth invested in land, fosterin g increased concern for the conservation of assets along a vertical dimension; the eventual domination of contractual law actualized the social logic embodied in this shift.
Self actualization is defined as "a process of becoming", "the process of development which does not end", (Heylighen, 41), "the individual doing what he is fitted for - `what a man can be, he must be'", (Maslow 91), "a desire to become more and more what one is', (Maslow, 92), and ""being a mature, fully human person in whom the human potentialities have been realized and actualized", (Mittleman, 116).
The majority of the governed have had their wishes actualized. That is the way democracy is supposed to work.
If B1 is not present, then perceptual and selection responses to C1 may be actualized by A1.
And why is this question actualized once the construction of a church on the square got initiated.
The stone's potency to move is actualized by the stick, whose potency to move is actualized by the hand, whose potency to move is in turn actualized by the firing of certain motor neurons, and so forth.