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Using Myers's novels as a mode of communication with children, we can begin to engage them in a dialogue that reassures regarding their self-worth, their power to create both real and imagined realities, and their ability to actualize the struggles they depict as the characters embark upon journeys toward maturity.
The derived relation thus emerges when, on the basis of previous learning in similar contexts, the name actualizes perceptual and other responses to the object (i.
More informally, the already confused subject is further confused by the fact that, at first glance, neither comparison stimulus actualizes a perceptual function that matches the sample, and thus the relational frame of coordination is not brought to bear on A1-C1.
When the subject looks at B1 as sample on the equivalence test, this immediately actualizes a perceptual and selection response for A1.
During training, A1 acquires (to some extent) the capacity to actualize perceptual responses (e.
B1 and C1) actualize perceptual and selection responses for only one stimulus, A1.
Using many-to-one training means that equivalence tests involve presenting samples and comparisons that have already acquired (through direct training) functions that actualize perceptual and selection responses to comparison stimuli.
Now, at any world at which God exists, he can actualize a world--Wp, O'Connor calls it--in which the purposes envisioned by OT are fulfilled just as well as they are in the actual world and whose natural laws and history are just like those in the actual world, with the exception that God intervenes systematically to prevent prehistoric NERNP.
Plantinga would claim that there is a possible world such that, prior to creation, it was not within God's power to actualize any world that was on balance morally better than Ws--a world just like the actual world except that what looks like NERNP is, unbenownst to us, really "broadly moral evil," evil wrought by powerful, nonhuman, free agents, Satan and his minions, say--and so, extending the divine purposes expressed by OT to these creatures, God weakly actualized Ws.
If He were to strongly actualize Tp, the instantiations of the members of Sp at Wp would freely behave in such a way that the resulting world--Wp, naturally enough--would be overall morally superior to Ws.
3) O'Connor never explicitly asserts that at every world at which God exists, he can actualize Wp, but without it or something comparable--for example, at every world at which God exists, he can actualize an overall morally much better world than it--we can't affirm premise 2 below.