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One facet addressed the actualizing characteristics of individuals at different functional levels within an organization.
Other analyses were conducted during the current study to examine the relationship of level of actualizing to (a) the importance of the participant's work/job/career; (b) the participant's rating of job satisfaction; and (c) the work environment.
It is very important to note that for at least some subjects the actualizing function of A1 will be more powerful for one or the other of the comparison stimuli.
Early in testing, for at least some subjects, B1 or C1 do not possess the actualizing functions of A1, and thus only the comparison stimuli will possess actualizing functions.
Dr Joseph said that about 3,000 youths were targeted for HIV testing and counselling and assured of actualizing the target.
Finding themselves on the same page on a number of regional and international issues, both the institutions agreed to establish frequent and active contact, which would lead to actualizing the mutually shared vision of a just and peaceful world.
(3) (Epistemic nonnaturalism thesis) The actualizing cause cannot be external (exothen) to the intellect.
(4) The actualizing cause must be either external to intellective soul or internal to intellective soul.
In-depth exploration of the promising alternatives (including an examination of the possibility of actualizing them), to locate a few suitable alternatives
Finally, the client is expected to examine the probability of actualizing the alternative, considering his or her previous studies, grades, and achievements (as well as other possible constraints, such as time and money), on the one hand, and the alternative's prerequisites (e.g., minimal SAT or ACT score), on the other hand.
Health promotion is defined as "activities directed toward increasing the level of well-being and actualizing the health potential of individuals, families, communities, and societies" (Pender, 1987, p.4).
Health is seen as an individual actualizing information and skills through goal directed behavior, competent self-care, and satisfying relationships with others.