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He actually had stopped screaming because she had startled him so.
It even appears, if I mistake not, that in one instance the contemporary legislature denied the constructions of the council, and actually prevailed in the contest.
I actually learned the system two several times; and yet the shorthand in which I am writing these lines is Pitman's.
For we are not here to understand, as perhaps some have, that an author actually falls asleep while he is writing.
The cold is not excessive, if you are wrapped in furs--a dress which I have already adopted, for there is a great difference between walking the deck and remaining seated motionless for hours, when no exercise prevents the blood from actually freezing in your veins.
Judge from this, what motives he had to run the risk which he actually ran.
Rebecca said she had long had some notion of the partiality with which Sir Pitt honoured her (for he was in the habit of making his feelings known in a very frank and unreserved manner) but, not to mention private reasons with which she would not for the present trouble Miss Crawley, Sir Pitt's age, station, and habits were such as to render a marriage quite impossible; and could a woman with any feeling of self-respect and any decency listen to proposals at such a moment, when the funeral of the lover's deceased wife had not actually taken place?
His one excuse for setting that prohibitory sentence at defiance rested on the assumption that his father was actually dying.
Things are as strange as though we were actually living together.
They actually try to encore one of her characters -- an old north-country lady; modeled on that honored preceptress in the late Mr.
Actually, as I said, I am but just gone thirty, and I may reasonably regard life, as the saying is, all before me.
did actually for five seconds or so wish themselves dead.