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the Actuated Valve assemblies include the equipment as well as supporting the Installation Contractor and
8E Electrically Actuated Ball Valves standard features include two auxiliary limit switches, a built in torque limiter, a position indicator, manual override, on/off operation, and a temperature-activated heater.
* A tape-reel of 200 pieces for shaft actuated models or 500 pieces per tape-reel for screwdriver actuated models.
MEMS-based solutions provider MEMSCAP (NYSE Euronext:MEMS) (Paris:MEMS) announced on Monday it has successfully completed die level reliability testing beyond 200m cycles on its Thermally Actuated Variable Optical Attenuators.
The longitudinal feed of the kinematical chain (X axis)--the bench has an eigen feed mechanism actuated by the numeric command of the equipment.
The front-mounted nozzles have needles actuated by a pneumatic cylinder on the manifold, as well as integrated pin guides and insulators to eliminate misalignment from thermal expansion.
"We anticipated demand for an alternative to traditional, hydraulically actuated braking and began the pursuit of electronically actuated braking more than a decade ago," Goodrich Airframe Systems Segment President Jack Carmola said.
Thousands of men and women working for the Services, supporting a military-unique product line: Cartridge Actuated Devices/Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PADs), energetic devices that employ explosive compositions to provide the power required to position and eject the aircrew in a timed sequence of events, the timing measured in milliseconds.
The MDI then can be actuated into the spacer when the child is breathing quietly or is asleep.
3 bell housing PTOs are available as OEM original equipment and can also be field retrofitted to existing Twin Disc style mechanically actuated PTO units in the field.
The patented magnetic armature design provides crisp, tease-proof and reliable tactile feedback as each switch is actuated without the "spongy" feel of typical tactile membrane switches.
Gang mounted, actuated secondary slide or turret tooling is available depending on the complexity of the turning operation.