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While the distance the pin must travel from the actuating position (Pa) to a secured position (Pa2') often exceeds 10um for many switches--including V4 switches, which are common due to their compact footprint and competitive price range--some new switches are specifically designed to reduce dead zone passing by up to 10 times.
The switch does not commute back at the actuating position (Pa) but at a later position.
A signal generator of velocity and actuating current of magnetorheological damper was used, (Votrubec, 2008).
A-decrease of actuating current, negative constant velocity
C-increase of actuating current, positive constant velocity
Lot 1 the single-turn actuating mechanism meo-1600 / 63-0,25u-92k-u2 with the block of limit switches and the current signaling unit of the type bspt-10am, with the set of joint elements pcs 2 the single-turn actuating mechanism meo-630 / 25-0.
Instead, the Mono-Toggle's actuating cylinder is positioned so that it projects down, beneath the links.