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The company said it plans to leverage Beaver's relationships with OEMs and suppliers in the ball screws and actuation business in order to facilitate penetration of this market particularly in the US.
Boeing Fabrication's Portland facility in Gresham, Oregon, US, will also produce actuators and assemble actuation systems for these models as a new work statement.
Eatons HLAs are designed for heavy- and medium-duty engines, can be used with diesel and natural gas applications, and can be engineered for use in combination with Eatons variable valve actuation technologies.
The new order and investment in new technology will support the company's long term sustainable future in North Wales and enable it to diversify into new markets" Triumph's UK and Isle of Man President Mark McDonald said: "Triumph's specialist UK aerospace facility at Deeside is a world class centre of excellence for the design and manufacture of electro mechanical actuation, electronic assembly and test and for hydraulic actuation assembly and test.
This paper presents a new method to control bouncing of switches by implementing a double-electrode configuration for actuation and control.
The marking system defines the model number and actuation force on the switch itself, which eliminates the need to rely on schematics.
Incorporation of a position sensor such as a strain gauge or capacitive sensor allows the PZT actuation to be made highly linear and repeatable, and the user can thereby acquire position information synchronously with the optical data without stopping, ensuring a reliable and highly deterministic position-domain datum set for their data.
These new contracts are to provide key products for the CSeries including the fly-by-wire LRU (Line Replaceable Unit), Rudder Pedal Assemblies, Cargo Compartment Door and APU (Axillary Power Unit door actuation systems.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-January 10, 2011--Kongsberg Automotive to deliver EUR35m clutch actuation system(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The 15[micro]m micromirror, designed for use in display systems, uses an innovative electrostatic actuation mechanism relying on 6 electrodes.
The St Helens-based company provides trainees for a number of companies including Pilkington, NGF Europe, Goodrich Actuation Systems and Heinz.
Following an introduction to the subject, chapters address input devices such as sensors and transducers; hydraulic actuation systems; electrical actuation; mechanical, electrical, and thermal system models; elements of machine tools; signal conditioning; and the computer fundamentals of microprocessors and microcontrollers.