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Acumen sold Scrub Shopper to James in 2016; he operates it under the Hayseed Ventures umbrella.
Muhammad Ali Charanya, COO MJSF, said "Sustainable development is one of the focus areas of MJSF and our partnership with Acumen has enabled us to work on several specialised projects including Jassar farm, PharmaGen, and low cost housing projects that otherwise would not have been possible.
Shedding light on some of ACUMEN's initiatives, she mentioned an ambulance service that started in India with initially 5 ambulances but with the help of ACUMEN, today they have 6,000 employees running around 3,000 ambulances that have served around 4.
Oman Tourism College is offering the Business Acumen programme following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the college and Hotelschool The Hague Performance Management Ltd.
The report reviews current pipeline of Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
He elaborated that Greater Nevada had closely eyeballed Acumen, DNA and Symitar, eventually ruling out Symitar.
Acumen Fund and AKRSP have joined hands to address the pressing energy needs of isolated rural communities in Chitral who are currently not connected to the national grid.
The Census Bureau] was planning on hiring 2,700 people," explains Nicki Clayton, director of the public sector for Acumen.
Appreciating that some consumer scholars are expressing frustration with the limitations of consumer literacy, this article offers the additional construct of consumer acumen (i.
County Durham-based Acumen Community Enterprise has been given the funding by The Social Enterprise Loan Fund (TSELF) to develop its Horticultural Acumen arm, which was set up last year and sees members of the community tend its 10-acre planting nursery in Peterlee.
Saudi Arabia's King Khalid Foundation -- a Royal foundation, established in 2001 to make a positive impact in people's lives by providing innovative solutions to critical social and economic challenges in Saudi Arabia -- and Acumen Fund -- an international not-for-profit venture fund that invests in enterprises delivering critical goods and services to low-income customers -- are partnering to recruit a Saudi national for Acumen Fund's Fellows Program.
King Khalid Foundation, a Royal foundation in Saudi Arabia, and Acumen Fund, a global venture which helps deliver services to the poor, have partnered to raise the profile of the development sector and promote social entrepreneurship.