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The preserved tooth crown is flattened labio-lingually, bears nine conical, acuminate cusps and two tiny lateral cusplets.
5 mm; leaflets (3-)4-5 pairs, papyraceous, pubescent, venation brochidodromous, nervures 5-9 pairs, the proximal 10-37 x 7-24 mm, oval-elliptic, apex acuminate, base oblique-obtuse, margin plane, ciliated, the distal 26-75 x 13-30 mm, elliptic, apex acuminate, base oblique-obtuse, margin plane, ciliated.
Linnavuori (1987) added that the membranes of the hemelytra are acuminate apically.
Epiproct with two well defined halves, each with a long, curved, distally acuminate process (Fig.
Petiole and rachis with obvious prickles up to base of rachis, most leaflets surfaces with obvious longitudinal crease, margins almost entire, except for small cleft at proximal end, leaflet tip acute to acuminate 5 5.
To decipher the banana's genetic strengths and weaknesses, D'Hont and a large group of colleagues spent two years sequencing a variety of banana called Musa acuminate, which is a simpler relative of the Cavendish.
26 January 2012 - US Hemispherx Biopharma Inc (AMEX:HEB) said Thursday that the agency in charge of the regulation of drugs, foods and medical technology in Argentina had given the thumbs-up to the sale and distribution of the company's Alferon N Injection for the treatment of refractory or recurring external condylomata acuminate (genital warts).
mahogoni, and the sample with the coldest image was the tangential section of Litsea acuminate.
5x that of midfemur, with subtriangular expansion at basal half; anterodorsal margin with 2 acuminate, downward-directed projections, apical slightly longer than basal projection.
A study of type-specific HPV prevalence in Czech women and men with anogenital diseases analysed 157 squamous cell carcinoma samples, 695 precancerous lesion samples and 64 cervical, vulvar and anal condylomata acuminate samples.
5 mm wide, ovate-lanceolate, keeled, green to stramineous to purplish, acuminate.
Hypandrium small, fused on the sides to claspers; proximal halves of these, robust, setose, distal halves slender, elongate, straight, preapically dilated, terminally acuminate (Fig.