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seta Aai slender, short and acuminated; Ae and Api slender and acuminated, Ap and Ape slender and shorter than Ae and Api; Ai normal (fig.
Metatrochanteral spine normal and acuminated, tenaculum with 1 apical setae, dental formula 3,2,1 .
9), Measurements of setae: long and acuminated barbulate macrosetae (Ml) 85-130 urn, long and thick barbulate macrosetae (ML) 80-113 [micro]m, short barbulate macrosetae (Mc) 25-63 [micro]m, mesosetae (me) thin and smooth 20-50 [micro]m, long smooth setae 100 [micro]m, present on last abdomen segment, microsetae (mi) tiny, 10 [micro]m, and sensorial setae slender, 38-50 [micro]m (Fig.