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Evidence-based practices for the identification, screening, and prevention of acute delirium in the hospitalized elderly: An overview of systematic reviews.
Given that this patient did not receive inotropic or vasopressive support, and because of the temporal relationship of her delirium with the onset of left ventricular dysfunction, we propose that the sympathetic dysregulation associated with acute delirium contributed to LV injury.
Pip-eracillin/tazobactam-induced acute delirium in a peritoneal dialysis patient.
An estimated 50% of hospitalized older adults suffer from acute delirium, a diagnosis that correlates with negative patient outcomes.
(66) After recovery from acute delirium, cognitive assessment (eg, MMSE (67) or Montreal Cognitive Assessment (68) ) is recommended to validate current cognitive status because patients may have persistent decrement in cognitive function compared with pre-delirium condition, even after recovery from the acute episode.

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