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It is already know in the literature that acute fatigue and acute muscle activation in chronic training is capable of promoting muscle strength and hypertrophy.
One group of patients in this study experienced post-dialysis fatigue only, an acute fatigue that occurred after their hemodialysis session and required several hours of sleep or rest to recover.
It also shows how long it can take to recover back to "normal" from a single episode of acute fatigue.
The OFER is a 15-item measure of chronic and acute fatigue as well as recovery between work shifts (Winwood, Winefield, Dawson, & Lushington, 2005).
Throughout her adult life Gena Lee endured a variety of undiagnosed symptoms from weight gain and depression to irregular heartbeat and acute fatigue.
With high muscle forces required to ski through a slalom course, acute fatigue may occur during training (Tomazin et al.

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