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Older age, female gender, the presence of a prodrome, and greater severity of acute pain and rash are all independent risk factors for developing postherpetic neuralgia, with each factor appearing to reflect a different contributory mechanism.
Coverage of the Acute Pain pipeline on the basis of route of administration and molecule type.
The positive predictive value of each of the risk factors independently was limited, the authors reported, "ranging from 17% of female patients to 26% of patients with severe acute pain who developed PHN.
Acute Pain Therapeutics - Products under Investigation by Universities/Institutes
AcelRx is developing ARX-04 for the management of moderate-to-severe acute pain in a variety of medically supervised settings, including in the emergency room, for outpatient or ambulatory surgery, for non-surgical patients experiencing pain in the hospital, or for post-operative patients, following short-stay surgery, who do not require more long-term patient-controlled analgesia (PCA).
Increasing elderly populations in the US, Japan and Europe will contribute to an increase in the incidence of acute pain, powering the market for medications.
Acute pain is often an aspect of illness, childbirth, sports injuries and surgeries.
In that context, initial acute pain biology induced by trauma cannot be prevented.
In a review of randomized controlled trials of oral analgesics for acute pain, Sachs (7) notes that there is consistent and good-quality, patient-oriented evidence that NSAIDs provide analgesia comparable to what can be obtained with the usual starting doses of opiate drugs.
In examining analgesia differences, the investigators found that patients with chronic pain were more likely than patients with acute pain to:
For example, researchers believe that such neurons quickly dampen acute pain sensations such as those associated with a pinch.
In the tests on acute pain, Merck officials said the drug was tested and worked well on patients following extraction of wisdom teeth, patients undergoing hip or knee replacements and women with severe menstrual pain.

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