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Nearly 950,000 of these people are acutely food insecure and struggle every day to meet their food needs.
Facilitate behavior change in acutely vulnerable communities in hygiene and sanitation practice through targeted hygiene promotion services focusing on 3,500 women, 2,000 men 7,500 girls and 7,000 boys through improved access to and use of sanitation facilities.
Newry GP Dr Arnie McDowell added: "Overflowing A&E departments could be reduced by allowing GPs to assess acutely ill patients in the community as they have successfully done for many years, to decide whether or not they need admission.
Though he does not employ the technical language of the philosopher, Ioncesco was acutely aware of the conflict between being and non-being.
Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York, showing nesiritide worsened renal function in acutely decompensated heart failure.
A study of the over-frequent application of the death penalty and the demagoguery of terrorism to control public opinion and electoral politics, Promises Betrayed acutely provides readers with a timeless and timely exposure of the truths in situations such as the fabrication of drug charges against several people on the racist behalf of a police officer in Tulia, Texas; an eleven-year-old girl's conviction of homicide despite any evidence supporting her confession as having been coerced, and so much more.
The Alter Rebbe acutely and knowledgeably informs readers of the pure holiness and decency of the Alter Rebbe's life and work in behalf of his community.
I am acutely aware that Lloyd's is one of the great global brands and has made significant strides forward, overcoming major challenges," Ward said in a statement.
Like Gareth James, with whom he collaborated on "Lars von Trier" at American Fine Arts in 2002, Einarsson is an alumnus of the Whitney Independent Study Program, and the acutely reflexive research-based approach that the course has long fostered is present and correct in his project.
In the article on droperidol and acutely agitated patients, Dr.
In the West the teachings of Ambrose and Augustine were both acutely intellectual and permeated with prayer.
Plimpton's beautifully performed fully vocalized reading is emotionally charged and acutely responsive to the sensitive issues in this novel.