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Driven by his faith in the acuteness and unsurpassed power of justice and confidence in the Nigerian judiciary, Ogboru challenged the incumbent governor, Dr.
The Guardian newspaper said in a report on Friday that authorities always seek to downplay the acuteness of the homelessness and rough sleeping in Britain.
Coming from Rathmore, right on the border between the two counties, Murphy is more familiar with the acuteness of the rivalry than most.
In fact, polices undertaken to minimise internal inequalities would not only help improve the lives of disempowered workers, but also help lessen the acuteness of inequalities between poor and rich nations.
'The acuteness of the situation was clear when one realized that Pakistan depends on just one Indus water system, which may disappear one day while carbon dioxide emissions was mostly thought through industrial units only but in Pakistan, 'Over 41% of the carbon dioxide emissions come from the agriculture sector and out of which about 78% was due to livestock,' and therefore agriculture was part of the climate change discussion, he stated.
But the author might well reply to serial dissidents, "Go thou and do likewise." That would be to impose a virtual life sentence on aspirant critics to wade through the vast range of material, both print--and he brings to his use of media a rarely rivaled acuteness of perception of wider context--and archival, making unobtrusive but illuminating use of the relatively recently released records of the Bureau of Military History as well as of private papers that he so deftly mobilizes for illuminating purpose.
A kindergarten designed for 120 toddlers will remove the acuteness of the problem with providing places in preschool institutions.
But in contrast to the sensationalism of our ritualized news coverage, this is a ruminative novel whose accumulating emotional force depends on the acuteness of Block's patient character development and the unassuming grace of his prose.
The numerous crises--be it the Crimean crisis in Ukraine or Europe's refugee crisis--they have lost their initial acuteness. People got used to living in this new socio-political environment and we manage it quite well.
Elk have an excellent blend of sensory acuteness but often exhibit a fatal hesitation when they see or hear something unusual.
He covers the Indo-European background, Balto-Slavic: the descriptive picture, the origin of acuteness, mobility and the left-marginal accent, mobility in nominal forms, and mobility if the verb.
The diversity of human life in all its vivacity was presented and I, a mere spectator, observed it with the same acuteness as that of an art critic at the Metropolitan Museum.