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Calvary and Gethsemane are symbols that stand for how acutest anguish opens up, inwardly and invisibly, the abyss of transcendent mystery in the core of every spiritually self-aware soul.
Akashdeep dodged defenders before goal- keeper Piet Noordam came rushing in and was almost successful in thwarting him but the Indian forward just managed to evade him and score from acutest of angles through a diving reverse flick.
The end of the passage demonstrates Augustine's anti-Pelagian and anti-Manichean intentions: "How will they be able to attribute to him a previous life of so disgraceful a character that he deserved to be born a fatuus, and at the same time of so highly meritorious a character as to entitle him to a preference in the award of the grace of Christ over many men of the acutest intellect?
The third goal when it did come was Wimbledon circa 1987, Jamie Head's long clearance flicked on by Frater and Roache firing a second past Cooper from the acutest of angles.
It was her voice that made The sky acutest at its vanishing.
And even where the need is acutest in Darfur, UNAMID refuses to challenge Khartoum's humanitarian blockades.
I think it is very important that our key ministries, our foreign ministries and agencies, work together to resolve the acutest issues of the modern world.
Almost two decades ago, to bolster Kilimnik's Artforum cover girl debut, Rhonda Lieberman, in one of the acutest takes on KK or any artist of her generation, discerned Kilimnik's "extreme openness," her tendency "to take things at face value," as key to her disturbing force: "Whenever art and thought truly reflect the affective state of the media and do not pretend to take an 'objective' moralizing position outside it (which instantly makes them irrelevant), they begin to look like the work of the devil.
Therefore, the lingering economic slump is now the acutest euro area woe.
Furthermore, one can observe that predicting Stop 4 using all four approaches have acutest changes in the peak or off-peak period.
For several years, she worked as an administrative assistant at Acutest Laboratories, Marlboro, and retired three years ago due to illness.
One important lesson that can be drawn from this analysis is that the diminution of deprivation in both groups is much smaller than using only poverty lines methods, though the reduction of the acutest form of material shortage (chronic poverty) was undoubtedly significant.