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As shown in Figure 5, during the first 10 contact minutes, the concentration of Pb(II) in solution decreased almost to one-half, obtaining the acutest Pb(II) decrease during the first 5 minutes.
"Destruction of Russian-language school is one of the acutest problems in our country," said the board chairman of Russian School in Estonia, Mstislav Rusakov.
Fish, flesh, fowl fly and peck, seek and scavenge, and know not what we are or what is passing or to come--And I take the morning sky acutest at its singing, swim where I can shimmy through some fragrant portal into all my beings dance, dying into strokes of gold, and deeper still, through summer sounds--the sea is not a mask--What else is there to know?
[...] For an instant, the gaze of the horror-stricken multitude was concentred on the ghastly miracle; while the minister stood, with a flush of triumph in his face, as one who, in the crisis of acutest pain, had won a victory.
Costa came closest to breaking the deadlock just before the hour but having skipped past Ramiro Funes Mori and Robles, his shot from the acutest of angles rolled along the goal line and past the far post.
while other prominent vendors include Acutest, Amsphere, Chakkilam Infotech, Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, Imbus , MTP, QA Infotech, Silicus, Tesnet Software Testing, Thinksoft Global Services, and Trigent.
In terms of population, Bangladesh suffers the acutest shortfall in power generation.
With winger Heintz seemingly scoring at will from the acutest of angles and the back-court power of Bastit and Dawid Miozga combining with Lamb's opportunism, a 12-8 half-time advantage for the Vikings was never under threat.
that continues to challenge the acutest readers and analysts of Don
Calvary and Gethsemane are symbols that stand for how acutest anguish opens up, inwardly and invisibly, the abyss of transcendent mystery in the core of every spiritually self-aware soul.
Il s'etait deja lui-meme identifie au camp des durkheimiens et il avait meme reconnu sa dette dans son livre The Family Among the Australian Aborigines (1913), qu'il considerait comme << son travail le plus durkheimien.>> Il presente Durkheim comme << one of the acutest and most brilliant living sociologists >>; il louait aussi le travail du groupe de savants de L'Annee sociologique, qui avait travaille << avec succes >> sur la religion primitive.
Akashdeep dodged defenders before goal- keeper Piet Noordam came rushing in and was almost successful in thwarting him but the Indian forward just managed to evade him and score from acutest of angles through a diving reverse flick.