ad infinitum

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''Bubbles always burst but maybe Dubaiwill just dig into its bag, pull out more soapy water and make another bubble and another and another and another ad infinitum."
Being a loser has never been a better business move than in our nation in the 21st century, where those who have failed to find a worthwhile place in society go on talent shows, fail again, make money anyway, go on a humiliating reality TV show, fail to eat enough kangeroo's testicles, make more money, get married, fail at that after four months but make more money, fail to prevent the Sunday tabloids learning of your inclination for spanking the milkman, make more money, ad infinitum.
Surely this will become a distraction for a coalition that has stated ad infinitum that economic stability and tackling the deficit is their top priority.
Great advances in natural philosophy had divested the world of a strangeness that could be reclaimed, in Novalis's words, by "romanticizing the world"; a process, as Christopher John Murray puts it the Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760-1850, "wherein all aspects of the universe become identified with the subject, and are thereby refined and ennobled ad infinitum."
From high school through college-level collections into the public library arena, Nicholas Ostler's AD INFINITUM is a lively history of Latin which traces concurrent developments in the fields of linguistics, politics, world history and more, providing an enthusiastic survey which is far easier reading than the subject would seem to promise.
But there he finds, as Brahms did in the inscription on the headstone in "Auf dem Kirchhofe" (Liliencron), the promise of resurrection--in the sunlight on the stones, the birdsong, and the "image morning gave/ Of more and ever more,/ As some vast sevenpiled wave,/ Mane-flinging, manifold,/ Streams at an endless shore." "Ad Infinitum," with its image of flowers brought in honor and praise being flung at the bringer's feet ("Still I bring flowers/ Although you fling them at my feet/ Until none stays/ That is not struck across with wounds"), is reminiscent of earlier poems in which flowers are messengers of love not always received in the same spirit.
Copper is a durable material, of an extraordinary conductibility and 100% recyclable, ad infinitum and without the loss of its properties: reasons for which, underlines the copper industry, if Europe is serious about its new energy strategy (in particular in terms of increasing energy efficiency and renewable energies), it should develop standards relating to the minimum copper content of certain equipment and of new high-tech equipment, even if it means doing soin a statutory way.
In fact these square and elongated modules are indicative of the difference between the somewhat static original and Piano's response--a kit of skin and bones that might be replicated ad infinitum.
Their credibility would be strengthened if they also confronted such issues as child and spousal abuse, divorce, adultery, drug and alcohol addiction, ad infinitum. Of course, these are issues that affect their flock.
The other internally required plans are not the wasted efforts that many managers consider them: the project management plan, the quality assurance plan, the risk management plan, the test plan, and so on--seemingly ad infinitum (or ad nauseum, depending on your viewpoint).
The space is filled with recorded sounds of a middle-aged couple crashing blindly into ontological and linguistic walls, a la Samuel Beckett: "I don't want to lose you"; "You've never had me"; "Why say anything?"; "There is nothing to say." The two people start to mishear each other; the dialogue repeats with each one taking the other's role, ad infinitum. The setting is dramatic yet what strikes one most vividly about such rote world-weariness is Rondinone's recouping of its familiarity.
Namely, the male, the female, the old guard, the young turks, the hawks, the doves, the liberals, the conservations, the believers, the atheists, ad infinitum. These opposites are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but open to interpretation and helpful in establishing ones own evolving personal philosophy.