ad rem

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Praeterea eloquutio quae verba et figures ad rem appositas suggerit, hoc est in oratione quod caro et cutis in corpore, decentur conuestiens ossa et neruos.
But any thinker worthy of the ascription "Thomist" must view the fruits of this reconstructive effort as ministerial to the more important task of philosophical and theological speculation/argumentation ad rem.
In one sense, Bude has only himself to blame for these strictures since he liberally sprinkled his text with digression signposts: "Sed iam a digressu in viam redeundum" (137v),(2) or "Vt ad rem longiuscule digressi redeamus .
When I understand the divine wisdom, the divine essence furnishes an immediate foundation for my knowledge as regards the reality I understand (quantum ad rem intellectam), but not for my way of knowing it (quantum ad intelligendi modum), for wisdom does not exist in God as we understand it.
Verum maiores gratias his viris habendas censebinius, qui per suniiiiuni otium ea excogitariilt atque invenerint, quibus veluti norma quadani vestri illi patroni ad rem civilem administrandam utantur.
284-5) that our (linguistic) pictures, or representations, should achieve an adaequatio ad rem (pp.