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Every year, Adage produces a series of virtual Hadith cards that tackle a modern-day issue using answers from the Hadith.
Not exactly an adage, but a quote from Samuel Johnson remains pertinent for information professionals: "Knowledge is of two kinds.
IBM Interactive Experience was 15th on AdAge s list of consolidated agency networks.
All that is missing to complete the project is CWE30, an introduction to the adages and their development, including an index to the six volumes now translated.
There is an old adage in medicine, "Diagnosis precedes treatment.
A new study puts evidence behind the old adage that stressful experiences can give a person gray hairs.
There is an old adage that Americans are supposed to remember when they travel abroad: When you are in somebody else's back yard, you play by their rules.
48 in the top 100 AdAge 2004 Megabrands Special Report that lists 2003's top advertising spenders.
Corporations have three options: ignore security risks, a dangerous and shortsighted choice; opt for minimal compliance, although the adage "you get what you pay for" applies here; or, most sensibly, make security a strategic issue--an opportunity to create business value and realize a positive return on a security investment.
BOB MOULD is living by the old Washington adage "All politics is local.
It is said that music is a universal language, and after my experiences this summer, I've come to appreciate this adage even more.
The bottom line comes down to that old adage, "We are all in this together