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Furthermore, since the Design Adage is an open platform, you can also write and share your very own quotes on design together with its explanation.
IBM Interactive Experience was 15th on AdAge s list of consolidated agency networks.
All that is missing to complete the project is CWE30, an introduction to the adages and their development, including an index to the six volumes now translated.
There is an old adage," observed retiring House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas).
AS many adages give us ordinary housewives some comfort in speculating their truths, I'd like to quote one adage that now appeals to me, and that is, ``variety is the spice of life'', as it appertains to housework.
These provocative recommendations from respected scientists give realistic, practicable meaning to the adage, "think globally, act locally.
It appears, once again, the old adage is true: if you can't explain it to your ten year old, it probably isn't real.
It is a frank account of life viewed through the paranoid eyes of a man who has inhaled too many chemicals but it is also funny, poignant and backs up an old footballing adage.
That adage is bolstered by a new study revealing that the tuberculosis bacterium has developed widespread resistance to the most commonly used anti-tuberculosis drugs, outwitting human-made antibiotics at least some of the time in all 35 countries sampled.
Deployed throughout its North American manufacturing facilities, Infor ERP Adage will augment Infor ERP SX.
The acknowledgement from AdAge follows recognition of IBM Interactive Experience's work with Jaguar Land Rover, which was named the 2014 Innovation Project of the Year by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), the representative body for management consultancy firms in the UK.
The AdAge ranking recognizes Acxiom as an entity that can offer direct marketing across every channel, which includes audience engagement and personalization through pinpoint targeting and actionable results.