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"They approach their business with adamancy for perfection, and they truly know who they are," he says.
However, when it comes to his adamancy in not returning to the negotiating table without a freeze on settlement construction, we should give credit where credit is due.
Maybe that's why Dad initially resisted your adamancy, as a second year squirt, to move back to the goal.
Their adamancy was recognized by Park, who was probably unwilling to jeopardize the evangelical support.
He struggled to convince her of his adamancy. He insisted that they must be forthright with her parents.
She notes its "emotional intensity" and "adamancy," but her essay has more to do with appreciation and instruction than with recommending dangerous, Dostoevskian emotions.
Cezanne's portrait, which took more than a hundred sittings to produce and still dissatisfied its author, looks stern and thickly coagulated and laborious, suggesting a mutual recalcitrance, a certain resistant adamancy passing between the two men.
Unfortunately, when people hear religious attitudes toward children mentioned, they often automatically assume we're talking about the Christian Right and its adamancy about children's submission to adult authority.
In the adamancy of this spontaneous decision by Hepburn, he again confirms that next to the guiding imperative of instinctual desire, "logic cannot hold good beforehand" (Movements 9).
Despite his insistence that he will still be a Newcastle player next season and chairman Freddie Shepherd's adamancy that he is not for sale, Owen's future is bound to be the subject of much claim and counter claim, both before, during and after the World Cup.
At any rate Leonard's adamancy caused Landis to place little faith in his word.
"No," my mother said with the adamancy of a ten year old.