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This magnet is sustained by a very strong axle of adamant passing through its middle, upon which it plays, and is poised so exactly that the weakest hand can turn it.
And, they added, when the statue of the brass horse on the top of the mountain of adamant is thrown into the sea by Agib, the son of Cassib, then beware, for fifty days later your son shall fall by his hand!
And then she inveigled Sheldon into agreeing that she could take occasional cruises in the islands, though he was adamant when it came to a recruiting trip on Malaita.
And opportunity I here have had To try thee, sift thee, and confess have found thee Proof against all temptation, as a rock Of adamant and as a centre, firm To the utmost of mere man both wise and good, Not more; for honours, riches, kingdoms, glory, Have been before contemned, and may again.
They loved the lamentable works of Ares and deeds of violence; they ate no bread, but were hard of heart like adamant, fearful men.
she cried, in a tone that would have pierced a heart of adamant.
He also called Bukawai's attention to the fact that he, Mbonga, was very poor, that his people were very poor, and that ten goats were at least eight too many, to say nothing of a new sleeping mat and the copper wire; but Bukawai was adamant.
Think of forests of adamant with leaves of brilliants.
The adamant streams into soft but precise form before it, and whilst I look at it its outline and texture are changed again.
The frozen snows of January still lay like adamant in the crosstown streets.
He stands for a multitude of cold Anglo-Saxon laws, adamant, incorruptible, inflexible - as certain as the laws of Nature herself.
Utterly heedless of the wear and tear of her clothes and constitution, and adamant to her pathetic sneezes, Mr.