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Moreover, the cross tolerance mechanism(s) of these lines towards NaCl stress were investigated, because adaptation to one specific stress allows plants/cells to adapt to a range of different stresses.
The load stops work with any bay size and adapt to needed clearances.
Relearn, Evolve, and Adapt: An Essay to Integrate Creative Imagination with Socially Conditioned Thought and Behavior is one mans thoughts on the rapidly changing world and how to adapt to it, and keep up with the times when the times change so quickly.
CRE teams are looking for workplace solutions that can quickly and easily morph and adapt to the changing needs of the worker as well, so providing flexibility in the workplace is key.
Students noted that the assignment simulated a real world experience of change and encouraged those involved in the assignment to adapt to the changing group members.
In response, educational and vocational guidance practices in many countries are changing to better assist the world's workers adapt to their new situations.
You also have to adapt to the harsh reality of doing business in Northern Ontario where we are losing a lot of our youth.
SMI-S' object orientation allows storage fabrics to adapt to changes in technology over time without blowing up the model and starting over again.
The winners in the insurance business ecosystem will be those who adopt this view to not only continually adapt to market upheavals but, more importantly, create those upheavals and force other market participants to evolve, become a marginal player or go extinct.
What they reveal are four key lessons for any company, at any point in its development: Start by identifying customer needs, gain a foothold in a specific market segment, adapt to changing market demands, and maintain your focus for the long haul.
When we use the word this way, we are generally referring to the basic human abilities to understand a situation, no matter how big or small, how social or technical, evaluate the issues and options presented by the situation, and adapt to it appropriately as it changes, and as our perceptions of it change.
To improve, your body must recover from training and adapt to a higher level of training stress.