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In this study, we focused on the mentee's perception of how engaged and prepared the mentor was, thus indicating the mentor's passion for mentoring or even for the business itself, and how that, in turn, affected the quality of mentoring, cognitive adaptability, and, consequently, innovativeness.
Keywords: career adaptability, social support, graduating seniors, college, gender
In the cultivation of tall fescue, its adaptability to the Korean climate is excellent but its use has limitations due to the problem of infection by seed endophytes.
self-efficacy) team factors and that individuals' extrinsic aspects enhance their adaptability (Weitz, Sujan, & Sujan, 1986).
Balanced levels of family cohesion and adaptability were found to play a significant role in sustaining psychological adjustment and well-being of families and their members.
Individual Adaptability to Changes at Work: New Directions in Research
There is a relationship between the three dimensions of philosophic minds of managers and the adaptability dimension of organizational culture of employees of Saderat Bank.
Completed project will encourage the preservation of existing jobs and supported by stimulating the creation of new jobs, with a positive impact on the adaptability of workers in the labor market.
This adaptability makes the OptiDry[R] ideally suited to a remarkably wide range of applications: Beverages, dairy products and other food products.
New research by PwC has revealed that poor talent adaptability - the inability for people to retrain for new skills or switch industries - is costing the global economy billions of dollars in lost productivity and leads to businesses wasting huge sums on avoidable recruitment costs.
On achieving the milestone, Ki Young Kong, Managing Director said, "Hyundai excavators cater to the growing need of the customers with higher technology adaptability and our excavators add value and profit to customers.