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791) shows that 79% of the fluctuations of the variance as adaptability and change by philosophic minds (3 features) are somehow attentive, he value of observed R indicates that the linear regression model can be used as a predictor.
The great adaptability of the nozzles and their proximity to the containers guarantee optimized air flow.
New research by PwC has revealed that poor talent adaptability - the inability for people to retrain for new skills or switch industries - is costing the global economy billions of dollars in lost productivity and leads to businesses wasting huge sums on avoidable recruitment costs.
Another method of adaptability and stability analysis that makes use of distances as well is the method of Lin and Binns modified by Carneiro (CRUZ; CARNEIRO, 2006).
Instead, Sagarin argues that society should embrace adaptability, an approach that better resembles the evolutionary process that allowed all the species currently in existence to stay secure for billions of years.
The purpose of this study was to estimate the adaptability and phenotypic stability of grain yield of soybean genotypes by two analyses methods (Integrated and Annicchiarico) to identify the bestperforming soybean genotypes in different environments.
Summary: Marrakech - Thanks to its evolution and its remarkable progress in recent years, Morocco has been able to show great adaptability to the phenomenon of globalisation, said, Monday in Marrakech, the Togolese president.
Table 1 delineates a model of career adaptability along its four dimensions or developmental lines (Savickas, 2005a).
So like endangered species, if you favor adaptability over extinction, here are some tips to assist in embracing a culture of adaptability (adapted from 7 Measures of Success; ASAE):
Goldmine and Bonanza offer the best of both worlds, combining wide-ranging adaptability with better forage quality, adds Vogel, who began breeding the big bluestems in 1977.
The dot-com bubble, in which Lilker thrived, heralded an emerging and fast-growing market in technology work, which, with its characteristic flexibility and adaptability, Lilker pursued.