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This is the latest in a string of wins for Adaptable after it launched projects including with the prestigious Harvard University in the US.
I am proud of Tiffany and Rose and with their determination, I expect only great things from them in the coming months,” says President of Adaptable Business Concepts, Chris Migner.
Lego walks between, accommodating the moment-to-moment whim and imagination of the user with a readily adaptable system.
Only if the software is adaptable will it be reasonable to change the thing that gets built (which will be "wrong" by then) into the thing that the sponsor wants at that time.
Adaptable Business Concepts says it plans to continue to improve and strives to be the Best and Brightest company to work for in 2013.
They deserve these promotions and I am excited to see them lead our next expansion later this year,” explains Chris Migner, President of Adaptable Business Concepts.
Adaptable Business Concepts is an independently owned and operated outsourced direct sales and marketing firm.
On the bottom of each page, users can get a glimpse of what's new with the company with links to the company blog and a direct feed from Adaptable Business Concepts' Twitter page.