adaptable to change

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It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.
He theorised that it is not the fastest or the strongest that survive natural disasters it is those that are most adaptable to change.
These are difficult operating times, and carriers and shippers alike have to be adaptable to change in this type of environment," commented Stubbs.
They have played an integral role in the design and development of the Learn for Life Centre and we hope they will use this facility to boost their personal and professional development, which in turn will allow them to become more adaptable to change and progression as the business looks forward to a bright and successful future.
The retail sector has become extremely complex and business owners need to be adaptable to change in order to survive.
As retail is a live business, we also need people who are open-minded, adaptable to change and who welcome new ideas.
An increasing knowledge base is associated with a tendency for sophisticated medical students to make hypotheses about a problem that are too specific or narrow, thus the student is less adaptable to change as new data appears (Barrows & Tamblyn, 1980).
They describe ways that organizations can become more adaptable to change, whether they contribute to organizational effectiveness, and determinants of effectiveness, and provide examples from companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Limited Brands, and Toyota.
Boasting a fresh design, and a departure from the outdated crown the company formerly used, the new logo conveys that all-important timelessness, yet is still easily adaptable to change, O'Hara said.
It enables us to be more flexible and adaptable to change.
There's a great quote by [Charles] Darwin, which is 'The most successful species are not the strongest or even the smartest; they're the ones most adaptable to change,'" Eisdorfer said.
Remaining flexible to customers needs and adaptable to change