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However, adaptive operators modified the fuzzy partition in way that the order of the fuzzy sets was affected, resulting in reduced interpretability of the adapted fuzzy partition [8].
A multi-step procedure (Shah et al., 2002) was used to raise adapted lines.
"This will help ensure they can make those adaptations or move into an adapted space in a more appropriate timeframe."
The VA estimates the policy change will save approximately 12 months in the overall process of applying for a specially adapted housing grant.
2 : to make or become suitable or able to function <The camera was adapted for underwater use.>
The text begins with a brief history of adapted aquatics and a review of relevant legislation.
After this first preparatory step, the butyl rubber is conveyed together with various additional formulation components by a pneumatic conveying system and a gravimetric metering unit into the ZE 90 UTX twin screw extruder with a screw design that is specifically adapted to the process requirements.
Carrillo and Marshall, vehicle mechanics used to fixing engines and transmissions in humvees, helped overcome some of these frustrations when they adapted a larger alternator to power the air conditioning unit for the new cab.
To mimic the characteristic of complexity theory, the written assignment was adapted to a three-phased process with a changing group format.
on Friday invited the media to see the production line for its Ractis compact passenger car, a vehicle that can be adapted for use by the disabled and the elderly.
Duarte warned career test developers of the potential trap of equating the linguistic equivalence of test items as representing equivalence with the construct dimensions of the original career measure that is being adapted. It seemed that the use of tests in most countries demonstrated the reverse order to that discussed, with conceptual/construct equivalence becoming a post hoc psychometric activity.
Danny Glover announced plans to use his new film company to produce a film adapted from God's Bits of Wood by Ousmane Sembene (Heinemann, February 1996).