adapted to teach

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Shirt believes the platform can be developed and adapted to teach a variety of languages.
Activities and assignments can also be adapted to teach mainstream students.
And the new look yard now boasts an adventure trail, basketball hoops and target boards for ball shooting and throwing which can be adapted to teach numeracy and counting.
LIFESAVERS: Durham University experts claim software for violent games can be adapted to teach youngsters fire safety
The fleet of aircraft includes a Bell Jet Ranger executive five-seater helicopter; a Cessna 172 single engine four-seater plane; a Seneca four-seater plane; a Cessna Golden Eagle, a six-seat executive craft; and a Piper Warrior which has been adapted to teach disabled people how to fly.
Dame Tanni was speaking as she officially launched a plane which has been adapted to teach disabled pilots.
I decided that the striking-looking animal-stencil designs created in this article could be adapted to teach my fourth- and fifth-graders about complementary colors.
Section 5 discusses seven real-world lessons that can be adapted to teach any population soft (social) skills with any mix of hard (technical) skills training.