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Humans may be selective agents, but only if they affect the adaptedness either of themselves or of other organisms.
Adaptedness is the degree of suitability of an organism for its environment, developed over time as a result of selection (Allard, 1999).
Even more telling, the comparison of the above passage, when read in context, with a similar passage of the same orator's previous year's mercuriale, (17) shows its structural adaptedness.
Yet researchers broadcast conclusions that make commitments to past natural selection for a given trait when they lack the requisite information about the character of the environment sequences, the lineage of the trait (which variants are original and which are derived over time), related taxa and homologous traits, the relative adaptedness of those homologues, and so on.
broteroi to pollinators, then one testable prediction emerging from this study would be that the degree of local adaptedness of flowers and flowering traits to pollinators in this species would be inversely correlated across regions with the mean local incidence of herbivores.
The results pertain to topics dealing with the distribution of genotypes across the landscape, niche breadth, the effects of a changing climate on adaptedness of populations, and reforestation in a variable climate.
Just as the nature and proper role of the political entity cannot be comprehended without understanding the individuals it ultimately serves (failing this, regimes devolve into unstable tyranny), so too the nature of species cannot be grasped apart from seeing them in terms of the individual organisms whose adaptedness they serve.
The absolute performance level for any trait is bound to be tied to a perplexing array of environmental variables such as temperature, food quality, and density, as well as the degree of adaptedness of the population to the particular conditions used for measurement.
Different variations will be transmitted at different rates depending upon their adaptedness to the locally prevailing circumstances (which is what selection means).
The legal system thus functions on the basis of an approximate adaptedness of contemporary motivational patterns and normative self-understandings to the individualizing logic of expertly determined categories of individual motive and competence.
In the parlance of modern evolutionary psychology, these would be "domain specific algorithms" (or modules) showing a high degree of design adaptedness - perhaps we should always talk of "moral senses" in the plural.