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The framework, unlike past studies which focused on context independent base MFs, will focus on adapting context-specific MFs that are defined over universe of discourse B = [l, u] to another context defined over a universe of discourse U = [a, b].
Generalizing constructs versus adapting psychological tests for global use.
While we are making progress in adapting the armed forces and our Air Force to these new challenges, we can do better.
Conceptually, these are costs of adapting the company to the software rather than adapting the software to the company.
Other features, helpful to newly injured SCI residents and clinicians alike, include interviews with people who have SCI, as they discuss rehab, family reactions and adapting to their condition.
What eUniverse is focused on today is adapting its strategy in two ways.
But the elder Joyce himself considered adapting Ulysses, among other works, for other media.
Teachers who look for ways to adapt their teaching find that an almost unlimited number of adapting techniques can be organized into nine categories.
Adapting novels to the big screen is not a new thing.
As you log in your miles, your skin is adapting along with your muscles, bones, heart, and lungs.
Instead of the old approach of adapting the worker to the job, the work environment is being adapted to suit the worker.
According to Jean-Louis Tronc of DuPont de Nemours, "adapting communication styles to international environments cannot be accomplished through language alone.