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The findings also highlighted, the deviation of our professional groups' scores vis-a-vis the standard scores of 96 suggested either adaption (for low-end scores) or innovation (high-end scores).
In many ways, Patrick Barlow's witty adaption of Buchan's novel is a homage to Scotland and to Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 classic film version - the great man even makes an appearance as a shadow puppet.
Consequently, we hypothesized that the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI; Kirton, 1976) will connect cancer proneness with adaption, and coronary heart disease proneness with innovation.
In this adaption by Tall Stories, the original story is added to, with extra dialogue interspersed with a few songs.
By adding Adaption Technologies' infrastructure along with its web-based service operating platform called Rialto, the firm will allow telecom clients to more quickly sell, provide, activate and bill for their hosted UC services, it explained.
Therefore it may be a good idea to expand the repertoire with this refreshing adaption of Mozart K.
It calls for climate change adaption and mitigation to be carried out in a "conflict sensitive" manner.
Urvashi Nraian and Alan Krupnick, February 2007) CNG adaption in Delhi was fraught with numerous challenges and hurdles.
TMNG Global (Nasdaq:TMNG), a leading provider of management consulting services to the communications, media and entertainment industries, and Adaption Technologies, a leading innovator of tools that simplify the delivery of IP based services, has announced the unveiling of two new software solutions
The technology of lures and baits in fishing has long advanced past the worm on a string--"Fishing Soft Baits in Saltwater: A Complete Guide to Rigs, Adaption, Techniques, and More" is a complete and comprehensive guide to the newer concept of soft baits, soft plastic imitations that seem to out perform most other baits.
An individual's preference falls on a bipolar continuum, with strong Adaption on one end and strong Innovation on the other.
The Adamind Spire Platform from software provider Adamind, has been selected by system integrator IBM as the core content adaption component for its Service Delivery Platform (SDP) solution at a telecomms services provider in India.