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has an open and realistic appreciation of its current adaptive position - Self Awareness
All this being said, adaptive re-use offers what new construction, no matter how beautifully designed, cannot: the resonance of history, a unique sense of place, the charm of original architecture and detailing and priceless, non-institutional character.
Without adaptive optics, it had appeared to cover one-third of the planet's disk, but the sharper Keck II observations show that the storm is less than one-tenth that size.
The newly developed adaptive reset temperature control system is shown to give dramatic improvement in response to screw speed changes and start-stop events through a scheme of automatically learning and then applying reset values according to screw speed.
obtain an aptitude-for-driving assessment from the professional personnel at a rehabilitation or adaptive driving center;
Fugate at the Starfire Optical Range at Kirtland Air Force Base near Albuquerque to learn about adaptive optics for their own vision research.
Training in the use of adaptive devices often requires certain prerequisite skills, such as reading and writing braille (Aston, 1979).
In 1984, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) established a Standards Committee on adaptive driving equipment.
Although their beacon proved too weak and unfocused for use in adaptive optics, they demonstrated the concept's viability.
The SSSQ consists of nine subtests, each measuring nine content areas most relevant to adaptive behavior.