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In their research of 27 visually impaired men and women employed in diverse occupations and using adaptive devices to perform the duties of their respective jobs, Liebman and Ryder (1987) report that all of their subjects stated that they could not work up to maximum potential without their adaptive devices.
Participants simulated different disabilities and then had the opportunity to use various adaptive devices to perform different tasks.
THE EYE SITE is an NEI-sponsored exhibit that travels to shopping malls around the United States to educate the public about low vision, vision rehabilitation services, and vision adaptive devices, as well as about the NEI itself.
Make sure the residents who need adaptive devices or assistance with meals get it--and in a timely manner;
For many, spina bifida means full or partial paralysis and the need for adaptive devices, such as a wheelchair, braces, or a cane to remain mobile.
There are thousands of adaptive devices and many software options to help disabled people.
See Adaptive Devices on page 16 for suggestions about ways special equipment may help.
Benefits desired by persons with disabilities include coverage for prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, personal assistance care, adaptive devices, rehabilitation services for job development and searching, and counseling services for mental illness (Reno, 1994).
All physical and perceptual deficits cannot be eliminated through adaptive devices.
While personal ingenuity and a few modern appliances can go a long way toward making your job easier, there are also many adaptive devices designed especially for people with limited hand function.

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