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On the other hand, the adventitiously (non-congenitally visually impaired) blinded assembly worker with no usable sight may require much more than an adaptive device.
The visits confirmed the notion that most respondents had very little or no familiarity with even the most common adaptive device catalogs and publications for activities of daily living.
Other adaptive devices have been developed to help people with tremors -- rocker knives, weighted utensils, pen grips.
Adaptive devices give you the ability to participate in just about any sport you want.
STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications and a leading supplier of semiconductors for cellular devices, is working to help avoid dropped calls and increase battery life with a new range of highly miniaturized adaptive devices that dynamically optimize handset antenna performance.
Achilles officials generally visit with wounded service members as they recuperate in military hospitals, where they have the option to learn to use specialized adaptive devices, such as hand cycles, for competitions.
The game is compatible with any USB XBOX 360 game controllers and many USB adaptive devices.
Although there is no cure, kids with Rett syndrome can often learn independent skills such as using adaptive devices to communicate.
Just as there are many adaptive devices, there are many coping strategies for visible symptoms.
Significantly, women scientists are leading us into the future with cool new adaptive devices, medical breakthroughs, and investigative discoveries.
The other half of the entries focus on such topics as adaptive devices and equipment, transportation issues, housing options, maintaining mental acuity, the roles of different care givers, nutrition and exercise guidelines, and definitions of different types of medical insurance.
Of particular value are the sections on sleep hygiene and the very practical advice about adaptive devices and safety in the home to maximise function and energy.

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