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Freudenberg-NOK's new system has the capacity to adaptively control the hydraulic counterpressure in line with the tractor's load.
Vincent's hospital site that is presently being adaptively reused into a new, state-of-the-art, mixed-use development that will include residential, retail, community facilities, healthcare, open space and educational facilities.
Query phase 1 The adversary adaptively issues queries [q.
In the context of the recent English Heritage 'Industrial Heritage at Risk' list, efforts to conserve or adaptively reuse key buildings or sites that established England as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution are detailed.
According to Spectrum, the researchers dream about a robot that can adaptively extend its body whenever it deems to be fit.
The company's flagship products, GridServer(R) and FabricServer(TM) , virtualize business-critical applications and adaptively provision them across a real-time infrastructure.
It can adaptively be trained to recognize the chemical profile of threats.
We also use On-Machine Verification with PowerINSPECT so, when we are getting near to finishing a part, we can probe the surfaces and machine adaptively, if required, to ensure that we get good geometrical tolerance.
Due to the hard work of LPC, our elected officials and the community, we took a giant step toward providing 21st Century healthcare on the West Side of Manhattan and adding a dynamic mixture of new and adaptively re-used residential buildings to Greenwich Village," the pair said in a prepared statement.
The NX2400's Channel Emulators adaptively synthesize signal interference from multiple "aggressors" and apply a correction signal to the "victim" channel.
The webinar series, entitled "Enabling Adaptive Clinical Trials," will bring together key players from sponsors, services providers and regulatory authorities to provide real-life solutions to the complexities of planning and executing an adaptively designed clinical trial.
Push-to-Fix is an intelligent periodic low power mode that adaptively changes power depending on the operating environment and motion conditions.