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2 percent for the market prices and adaptively controlled prices, respectively; an improvement of about 26 percent.
6583), and (g) Expressing Emotions Adaptively (total = .
Through my own investigations on directed or programmed mutation, I predicted a very similar situation regarding forces, various membrane systems, and adaptively responsive mutation.
The drivers are also adaptively biased to reduce current consumption and extend battery life.
But I think his approach needs to be very much commended for trying to get at things that are behaviorally and adaptively important," he adds.
A concern remains about the capacity of federal land-managing agencies to respond rapidly and adaptively to take actions necessary in high-risk situations.
This data, in combination with information about the amount of additives used, as well as the casting program, are used by the system to adaptively produce rules for controlling the process.
Unable to adaptively engage their callers based on their needs and their value, businesses end up handling them all the same way, leading to undifferentiated service and mediocre business results.
The goal of the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to select a qualified development team to conduct an assessment of the Property and determine the feasibility of adaptively reusing the Property as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) with complimentary uses.
PerformanScore adaptively measures use of skills across a range of credible responses to cybersecurity threats, often based on actual incidents.
By exploiting the decoupling feature, they present several distributed adaptive consensus protocols, which adaptively tunes the weights on the communication graph and can be designed by each agent in a fully distributed fashion.
In this role, Sinderbrand is engaged in the firm's efforts on a Washington Heights redevelopment project; a major campus planning and facility repositioning in East Harlem; and the purchase of a building in Chelsea that will be adaptively reused to retain jobs.