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The decoder adaptively decodes the layers into mobile HD, full HD, 4K UHD, and 8K UHD according to the kind of the highest enhanced layer from the received layers.
If a can be adjusted adaptively with the change of [beta], the performance of the CMT approach may be further improved.
A broadcast encryption scheme BE is adaptively secure in the multichallenge setting (MA-secure) if, for any PPT adversary A, the advantage
Therefore, based on the received LC information, LC of each node is varied adaptively to the rates of communications that the node attends.
Query phase 1 A adaptively issues queries [q.sub.1], [q.sub.2], ...
Under hypnosis, the idiosyncratic nature of the S's reaction became apparent and he was able to reintegrate the experience of the trauma into his life and alleviate the fragmentation of self which prevented him from functioning adaptively. The case illustrates the importance of understanding the personal meaning of the trauma to the individual with PTSD and the efficacy of hypnosis in dealing with it.
A sensor reports the seating position to the control unit so that it can adaptively trigger the belts and airbags.
I believe that conceptualizing narrative as a system for transmitting adaptively useful information includes all of these qualities.
I facilitate the heterogeneous environment by assuming that all agents learn adaptively. Measured by the central bank's expected loss, the two major findings are-(i) policy that is efficient under homogeneous expectations is not efficient under heterogeneous expectations; (ii) in the short and medium run, policy that is excessively responsive to inflation increases inflation and output volatility, but in the long run such policy lowers economic volatility.
His doctor says it's "sensory integration dysfunction," an inability to "modulate, discriminate, coordinate, or organize sensation adaptively." There are ways to help him--ways to avoid setting him off and also ways to help him learn to change how he responds to stimulation.
The final section, Mastering Virtual Teams, imparts wisdom about conducting successful virtual meetings, concepts of team dynamics, the principles of working adaptively to facilitate the success of virtual teams.
"The acoustic structure of particular monkey vocalisations may be adaptively designed to attract young infants."