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The experiments demonstrated the adaptivity of generated CGFs with increasing fitness value and an overall Exchange Ratio.
It involves several key steps: chromosome representation, population initialization, selection, crossover, mutation, fitness evaluation and an adaptivity mechanism via elite-based immigrants.
Yet, notwithstanding the importance of this case as an evolutionary link in the Court's jurisprudential shift during the 1930s, it may be more accurate to view Roberts's opinion as an example of the interplay between legal classicism and the jurisprudential theory of constitutional adaptivity that eventually supplanted it.
The Knewton platform, for example, is a set of adaptive teaming infrastructures designed to allow third-party vendors to add adaptivity to their products.
Adaptivity is not the goal; it is a necessary means to cause learning.
First, at each step j of the adaptivity the last residual [PSI] of the previous step of the adaptivity is used to start the FE-IIEE iterations.
Analyses of e-learning system adaptivity have shown that cognitive characteristics of students, such as learning style, are of the greatest importance for successful adaptation.
We hypothesized that it is possible to distinguish four subdimensions of GPK regarding its topics (structure, motivation/management, adaptivity, and assessment) and three subdimensions regarding cognitive processes (recall, understand/analyze, and generate).
In addition, George Mackie, a venture partner with Noro-Moseley, will join Adaptivity as non-executive chairman working closely with the executive management team.
Control (monitoring) of detection procedures (technologies creates opportunities to strive for performance, perfectness, technical and economical rationality, adaptivity, flexibility of these procedures and to increase the level of their intellectuality.
Exploring the adaptivity of information communication technologies, seventeen papers share research on theoretical aspects of adaptive and personalized user interfaces, adaptive content and services, adaptive processing and communication, and applications with adaptive behavior.
A Canadian scientist who devised an IQ rating for birds based on their skill and adaptivity in finding food rated herons among the most intelligent