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Originally, conflict adaptivity has been treated as a competency or capacity that enables people to employ the adaptive approach to conflict (Coleman et al, 2010, 2012, 2013; Coleman & Kugler, 2014).
In short, path adaptivity is controlled by the placement of repulsors in the game map, though we may use attractors to provoke small deviations to a path.
Adaptivity in updating the controller gain for adapting to the transient structural dynamics is realized by further incorporating the HHT technique to capture the instantaneous frequency information of the controlled cable system.
Simulation results validate the high adaptivity of our algorithm, demonstrating that the algorithm reduces the computation costs and inter-resource communication costs significantly, and it only takes a low incremental algorithm cost compared with traditional approaches.
Adaptivity in Learning Management Systems Focussing on Learning Styles, Tesis de Doctorado, Facultad de informatica, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria (2007).
In order to assert the potential for adaptivity and continued evolution of the model we would set forth to test these hypotheses.
Work Role Performance: Work role performance is measured using the Griffin, Neal & Parker' scale (2007) which includes three sub-dimensions of work role performance--proficiency, adaptivity, and proactivity at the individual, team and organization levels.
Both the inconsistency of these approaches and the inadequacy of classical notions to address changing economic conditions during the Depression of the 1930s undermined the continued relevance of legal classicism and contributed to the evolutionary force of adaptivity in the Supreme Court's constitutional jurisprudence of economic liberty.
Murphy and Gilpin apply essential concepts from complexity theory, including interactivity, adaptivity, and constraints to help explain the dynamic of corporate reputation.
These commercial applications not only help to research and implement a number of positioning models based on signal strength (WLAN, Bluetooth, geomagnetism), but also to improve the positioning accuracy and adaptivity with other auxiliary positioning means (base stations, auxiliary WiFi, accelerometer), etc.
However, the potentiality of mechanoradical polymerization including the adaptivity and versatility has been unsure at present, so that further investigations are needed to reveal the characterization.
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