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Interestingly, the people who live in Tibet also adapted to the rare-air conditions by interbreeding with Denisovans, an ancient species of humans (earlier article here).
Marketing and in-store support will include a Colour Adapt Liquid Make-Up and Pressed Powder combination display, coupons for $2 off Colour Adapt Pressed powder with foundation purchase and educational graphics explaining the key benefits of the product.
Finally, there's a fill-in-the-blank template that explains exactly how you can adapt this headline to other businesses."
The result is a set of services that can adapt to subscribers' changing communications needs, access methods and mobility patterns, all from the same core system.
Despite the proliferation of fully integrated software-systems, foundries must adapt this casting tool to reflect their unique manufacturing environment.
The controller adjusts heater output continuously to adapt to look-ahead predictions of when the temperature will cross its setpoint.