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Finally, there's a fill-in-the-blank template that explains exactly how you can adapt this headline to other businesses.
To meet these objectives, the new architecture should be modular so it can easily adapt to rapidly changing and growing storage environments and offer a completely intuitive interface that eliminates human errors and ensures the integrity of backup and restore processes.
Despite the proliferation of fully integrated software-systems, foundries must adapt this casting tool to reflect their unique manufacturing environment.
76 percent of respondents feel that a BPM system's ability to adapt to changes will generate the greatest long-term value.
To remain competitive, providers must be able to adapt swiftly to changing conditions.
The new service is based on Unveil Technologies' Conversation Manager(TM), an award winning speech application for contact centers that adapts to customer interactions.
In his "Advanced Technologies for Fraud Detection" session, Tony Kaus will present how technology "waves" have confronted fraudulent activity in the recent past, and how the next generation of fraud detection software can automatically adapt to prevent the next "wave crest" in fraud.
Bandwidth Adapt responds to bandwidth fluctuations and adapts video content as the fluctuations occur.
Accordingly, we are pleased that the biochip industry has begun to adapt this powerful semiconductor industry technology, including JMAR's optical projection aligners and direct-write lithography positioning techniques, to produce their biochips.