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Strain through a fine-mesh sieve and add to reserved mixture.
Subassembly, which Atchison markets through one-on-one sales visits, foundry visits and published literature, has done more for the foundry than merely add to its capacity for existing customers.
Now, the brokers and developers believe it's about time to add to Long Island's 40 million square-feet of office space via speculative construction, because both Nassau and Suffolk counties are almost out of inventory and the market continues to be good.
Remove ravioli from water, drain, and add to the saute pan.
"Why would you add to your ultimate cost when a solution is not only available, but inevitable?"
Remove the chicken from the marinade, add to the skillet, and brown on both sides.
Jensen and his co-workers compared 68 military offspring with ADD to 200 children without psychiatric diagnoses seen by military physicians.